6ft curio tree. The base is wood stain with polyurethane and body is Thompson water sealed 50.00 wo curios 65.00 w curios. This item is built to last for years.
Christmas JOY pallet art. The wreath is lighted and the whole thing has been vanished and the JOY is painted with BEHR exterior paint for years of durability. weight approx 40 lbs.
. . . . . . . THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS INSTITUTE . . . . . . . OF TEXAS CULTURE AT SAN ANTONIO The 1983 POSTER Measures 26 Inches x 30 Inches FRAME is Burnished Gold Metal with Protective Glass The Posters Quilted Design -Theme is Striking Condition is Excellent
Henry Callender was a prominent English golfer in the late 18th Century. He was painted here by the famous portrait artist LF Abbott, wearing the Field Marshals uniform of the Blackheath Society of Golfers.3 ft Length x 28 wide Serious inquires only $700
Sir William Innes was a wealthy Scottish golfer. In 1790, the first golf print was published of Sir William Innes, the Captain of the Society of Goffers at Blackheath in Scotland. It was based off an original oil painting by Lemuel Francis Abbott in 1778.Apr 18, 20143FT LENGTH X 28,SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY$700
Back to Nature speckled trout print by Randy McGovern. Number 438 or 980. Frame size 25.75 x 22. Very hard to find this beautiful print .
1963 Mercury Monterey or Mercury Marauder front and rear grills. Excellent condition for their age. All metal. They can be painted or cleaned and polished out. Front grill includes the prized center Mercury emblem, as well as headlight mount buckets, 3 headlights and original connection wiring in the back. These grills are hard to locate and from a great muscle car of the 60s.The rear grill is ...